EndChain was a utility token. The company behind it worked on solutions in the logistics and supply chain industry. The goal was to cover all steps of the supply chain, including manufacturing and raw materials, transportation, distribution centers, B2B and B2C distribution, and customer service.

EndChain users could have used unique QR codes provided by the platform. These codes would have been unique and compatible with various systems used by the companies.

Users would have scanned the barcode once and then had all the information they needed. This should dramatically simplify supply chain control.

Investors and EndChain token holders would have received QR codes according to the EndChain offering. The company also promised to offer discounts on codes, smart contracts and Big Data.

Unfortunately, this project ended in 2019, so you will soon find information on Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, XRP and other Altcoins here. You will also find data and statistics on exchange rates and instructions for buying coins.

Endchain.io has also a Version in Brazilian / Portuguese: Como comprar criptomoeda

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